About Us

We started our journey
with a single question in mind


How do we make learning effective & accessible to all?

Today transformation of the economy is happening at such a lightning-fast rate that even incumbents are struggling to respond and adapt.

Impact of the technology advancement and unpredictable events like the Covid-19 pandemic leaving us with no choice but to embrace the adaption or risk becoming obsolete – and transformation must happen now.

The Traditional learning approach is not going to deliver on the needs of exponential growth we are witnessing today. Ignoring this fact is a recipe for catastrophe.

We cannot find a clearer argument for swift transformation. Every company & professional should take responsibility and get to the work now to accelerate the learning process.


“The Existential threat is confronting both businesses and individual professionals!”

Skills helping us today, may not be sufficient tomorrow!

At Cognit Global, we believe learning is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to quality learning resources. Our mission is to play our part to make this happen.

Every individual is now compelled to follow the Agile Learning approach and do so as quickly as possible.

Need of the hour is thoughtful and effective planning for long-term & continuous learning and development solutions, which are agile enough to effectively address the learning needs of today and the future.

Given the rapid rate of change in today’s business landscape, having a workforce that is continuously mastering the latest best practices of the industry gives a huge competitive edge to any business.

You don’t have to be in top cities or studying in top Universities to avail the benefits of agile learning.

Anyone willing to put in the effort should not be left behind due lack of access to quality learning opportunities!

This can be achieved only if we have Learning Solutions, which are Accessible to All, as well as, Effectively Delivering on training needs of the hour.

“There is a huge cost, in terms of time & money, when learning is not effective.”

At Cognit Global, we are working towards building a learning platform that can play its role to address the above challenge effectively.


We need to effectively deliver on
2 parts to make this happen.

1. Accessibility

Making Learning Solutions Accessible to All

  • Venturing into key industries
  • Partnering with top-rated Experts
  • Teaching proven strategies and frameworks
  • Offering learning solutions: online and in-person.

2. Agile & Effective

Learning Solutions which are effectively delivering on the latest needs


Use of technologies like AI, Data Analytics to predict training needs

Right blend

Off-the-shelf & Customized learning solutions for complete experience

End-to-end Learning support

Systems in place to address your post-training needs

ROI based learning

Measure the impact of our learning solutions at your bottom line


Use of qualitative & quantitative tools to optimizeour training solutions

We understand the level of the challenge ahead of us, however, in times of need, with a clear focus,right intent, and team in place, we are ready to turn on a dime, make our vision true and play our part in making lives better across the Globe.

Feel free to reach us, if you connect with the above mission and believe you can play your part in our journey.

We are always looking to work with like-minded people, who want to make a difference!

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